Don’t follow the herd

As humansImage we sure do act like sheep. We will follow an idea or a person because that’s all we know to do. We as black people have this pretty bad we are supposed to all vote the same, we are all supposed to have the same mindset about religion, family, government but there is a time where you just have to break free from the herd and that can be hard to do because you’re immediately seen as a traitor or one who does not love him or herself. Whenever you break from the herd you find that there is liberation. There is a freedom only expressed by the feeling of being released from slavery, a mental slavery that has had you captured for years. Blacks who leave the herd are called Uncle Tom’s, Uncle Rukus and all sorts of names. You know what though even that is liberating because in order for you to be worthy of insult you must be exposing the old system that used to bind you.



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