Pastors allow your members to be Bereans

I believe there is a big deficiency in the black church today of sound biblical teaching. Many of our churches are set up where the Pastor (Mand of Gawd) is held in high esteem. Now I believe there should be a high respect for the set man of the house but many of us place the pastor in a position where they shouldn’t be. A friend of mine put it like this “we don’t just honor the pastor but in a lot of places the pastor is worshiped.” Image

The black church really needs to do some soul searching. I believe if the Word of God was not dumbed down but preached in it’s full counsel the congregation would not shun the Word but would gravitate to sound biblical teaching. There is a myth in a lot of our churches that in order for the service to really be successful then the preacher has to get overly excited and there has to be some whooping that takes place at the end of the sermon. I will never forget walking to my car after leaving Walmart when I heard two black ladies talking about church. One lady said to the other man we haven’t had church unless the preacher whoops, and she was serious. So this is the measure of whether or not the church service was successful?

I had a discussion with a good friend today and he made a statement that just struck me he said, “man the pastor don’t allow for the people to be Bereans” and as I thought of this it’s true in a lot of our churches. What is a Berean well they can be found in Acts 17:11 “Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.”

Let’s face it a lot of people that go to church just take what the Pastor is preaching as law and don’t study for themselves. The sad part is in some of these same churches the Pastor wants it that way. I remember my pastor would always tell us don’t just believe what I’m telling you go and look for yourself. This should be the attitude of every pastor in my opinion. I also believe that these churches and small groups need to be formed in the black community to teach members how to study the Bible properly. Real talk we have to stop being lazy with the scripture. Pastors must develop a hunger in the people for the Word. I was apart of a Bible study that consisted of an all black membership. These were not people that we would consider the upper crust we were all regular people but the teacher was an expository teacher and the people that came to this Bible study would come with pen and pad because we all knew there was going to be something revealed to us in this type of teaching and we didn’t want to miss it. I saw in these people an excitement for the Word and it was because the teacher had a high appreciation for the Word and that was infused into the members of this Bible study that eventually became a church. The teacher was not dull, he was full of excitement and emotion but his emotions were contained within the boundaries of the sacred scripture and this rubbed off on the members. I remember members of this study bringing in Catholic relics that they had been holding onto for a long time and wanted to get rid of them because the Word of God was convicting them through the Holy Spirit.

I’m not against topical preaching. I have heard and been blessed by many topical sermons but because of the state of the black church today I am convinced that the black church need desperately to train expository preachers because in a lot of our churches we have drifted far from the Word. We need pastors that will spend months in one book going verse by verse pulling out truths and walking biblically with his members as they all wrestle through scripture. This type of teaching I believe encourage Christians to be Bereans and I promise you when we preach and teach the Word in this manner there will be an excitement and a hunger for more because it just that sweet.


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