Rappers who are Christian should they leave the “Christian” market and just go secular?


I just want to say I love Christian Rap. I’ve been following the genre for years and for as long as I’ve been following the genre there has always been a debate on Sacred vs Secular. In the past the debate was just that, a debate because at that time there were really no CHH artists that were really crossing over into the mainstream. The debate was more one of I rap for the church vs I rap for the streets. Today I see a shift in what’s happening in CHH and they’re more opportunities for Christian rap artist to viably crossover. With Lecrae winning a Grammy award, Trip Lee videos being played on 106 & Park and Andy Mineo appearing on MTV there is now very real inroads into the secular realm but do we loose anything with this new found success? I’m a proponent for Christians going into these environments and having conversations with the lost about Christ and using our skill and abilities to reach those beyond the church but how should we do this?

In November my wife and I interviewed Christian Rap artist Flame and in the interview Flame said some pretty provocative things. One statements that Flame made when asked about how to navigate this new found success for Christian Rappers was that rappers who want to pursue a more secular route should just step away from the Christian market and pursue the secular avenues and leave some space to those who want to remain “Christian” in their approach and methods. I would have to say I agree with him on that.

Here is our interview with Flame: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__RlEFrDpGg



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