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What is BSAC? What is it not?

It’s funny how when God lays something on your heart to do He does not give you all of the pieces all at one time. I have found in my life God is about building things that will have an affect lonImageg term. There are some short projects that we may take on in our lives but it seems that for the most part God is an advocate of legacies, endurance, generations and things like that.

So what is B.S.A.C.? B.S.A.C. is a mission it’s a mission from God to do God’s work. B.S.A.C. stands for Biblically Sound Artist Coalition. B.S.A.C. was birth out of prayer as God laid it on my heart that in our music, in our movies, in our churches in general we have turned away from Biblical standards of worship and ministry in pursuit of a pragmatic method to bring about success. B.S.A.C. is a statement that hinges on 2 Peter 1:3

“seeing that His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence.”

It’s a statement that implies in the music we put out, in the movies we make, we don’t need anything from the world except their ears to hear and their eyes to see. It’s our belief that Christians and non-Christians cannot partner together for MINISTRY purposes because we don’t see the partnering with the wicked on any level as an approved practice for ministry in scripture. B.S.A.C. is a response to what’s happening as the body of Christ is consistently losing it’s identity in hope of making friendships with the world. Now as it stands in the Christian Rap genre there a few voices by way of media outlets but they’re all saying the same things. We are finding that there are many people who think differently about topics related to how we are to do ministry from a biblical standpoint but there is not a real platform for those concerns or voices to be shared B.S.A.C. will be that.

B.S.A.C. is pro unity but we believe that this unity will not be gained by just keeping all contrary thought quiet but by real biblical dialogue. We cannot shut out those who differ with us simply because we don’t want to be challenged on anything or feelings that we don’t have to answer to our brothers of sisters concerning what we do. I would submit that that’s prideful

Now what B.S.A.C. is not: B.S.A.C. is not us vs them. We believe that brothers and sisters who are using philosophies of partnering with the ungodly are in fact brothers and sisters and the Lord said it Himself that a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. B.S.A.C. is not anti anyone but B.S.A.C. is anti ungodly philosiphies. We believe that the problem is not people but we see what’s happening in our Christian artistry as a spiritual issue that needs further conversation.

“Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Eph 6:12

B.S.A.C. is also a watchmen group we see what’s going on and we warn the believer of the danger to come we are NOT looking to get rid of anyone and we are not haters.

In conclusion I know whenever something is done or put out there that is different from what the prevailing thought is it’s automatically seen as being a hater or trying to start divisions I will say this; Paul opposing Peter to his face could have caused division if Peter was not mature enough to receive the rebuke and grow and this is a two way street. We need to be accountable to each other and there should be no artist, producer, label or anyone that names the name of Christ that is above being challenged in certain areas of ministry or life. When we do become that big we really need to beware because the Bible clearly outlines that after pride comes the fall.

Lets build unity by having dialogue not only with the people who may already agree with us, but also with those who have concerns and questions about what we are doing. That will encourage true unity.


Rappers who are Christian should they leave the “Christian” market and just go secular?


I just want to say I love Christian Rap. I’ve been following the genre for years and for as long as I’ve been following the genre there has always been a debate on Sacred vs Secular. In the past the debate was just that, a debate because at that time there were really no CHH artists that were really crossing over into the mainstream. The debate was more one of I rap for the church vs I rap for the streets. Today I see a shift in what’s happening in CHH and they’re more opportunities for Christian rap artist to viably crossover. With Lecrae winning a Grammy award, Trip Lee videos being played on 106 & Park and Andy Mineo appearing on MTV there is now very real inroads into the secular realm but do we loose anything with this new found success? I’m a proponent for Christians going into these environments and having conversations with the lost about Christ and using our skill and abilities to reach those beyond the church but how should we do this?

In November my wife and I interviewed Christian Rap artist Flame and in the interview Flame said some pretty provocative things. One statements that Flame made when asked about how to navigate this new found success for Christian Rappers was that rappers who want to pursue a more secular route should just step away from the Christian market and pursue the secular avenues and leave some space to those who want to remain “Christian” in their approach and methods. I would have to say I agree with him on that.

Here is our interview with Flame:


What the Black community can learn from Duck Dynasty


Until this weekend I had never watched A&E’s Duck Dynasty. I had no interest in it at all.The very name of the show was a turnoff in my mind. In the past I had heard a lot about the show and I have seen a lot of merchandise for the show in stores but I’d never sat down and actually watched an episode. This weekend my wife and I watched the show for the first time actually we watched pretty much the whole first season of the show and I tell you what I can see why people love it. I work in a predominately white workplace so I would hear references to the show all the time but I had no clue what people were talking about. Now we all know about the big controversy surrounding Phil Robertson who is the dad and patriarch of the Robertson family. Robertson made some remarks that really ticked off the homosexual community, well after watching the show it really puzzled me why A&E was so caught off guard over Phil Robertson’s remarks. Phil Robertson and his whole family for that matter strike me as “we say what we want” type people they are pretty no nonsense. They are self proclaimed Red Necks from Louisiana that love to hunt, fish, eat and have made a lot of money selling duck calls. Nowadays I look a lot through the eyes of what needs to be done and how can I do more to help the Black Community so as I watched this show episode after episode I started thinking, man there are some valuable lessons that we,  the Black community could learn from Duck Dynasty.

1. Value of Family. The thing that I found endearing about the show is the tight bond in the Robertson family. Family is the bedrock of our communities and our families in America and more specifically in the Black Community has been ravaged and torn apart by many factors. I believe at the helm is the enemy, the devil using systems of this world even our governmental system which is suppsed to help us to inflict untold harm on the family. All families have their problems and the Robertson’s family problems are on display for all to see yet at the end of the day they stick together and that’s very noble. The strength of this family is something that puzzles me about A&E decision. How did they think they could take Phil Robertson off the show without the whole family saying well we will have to go too? Very dumb.

2. Phil Robertson the Patriarch and the men of the family. Just by watching the show you see male leadership. I have a respect for Phil Robertson in that he leads his family, he teaches his kids and grand kids the things that he’s learned over the years, his wife loves and respects him and he loves her, he promotes hard work and is a prime example of someone who made it from nothing to something because of the grace of God and his work ethic. Black family we need this infused into our community once again. We need Godly patriarchs that will lead families and teach the young boys how to become real men. We need no nonsense fathers, uncles, and grandfathers that will impart wisdom and knowledge that is beneficial to the younger generation of black men. We need older women that will teach the younger how to take care of the home and how to create an atmosphere of love for all who come through the doors.

3. Respect for God. I would say if I asked how many or our black homes eat meals together as a family, or how many of us grew up seeing a patriarchal figure in our home each night open our meal up with prayer the answer would be a very low amount of our black homes do this. Of course I’m guessing based on personal experience and the knowledge of friends and families I’ve observed but I think my guess is pretty accurate. Also within the show you see the family not ashamed to speak or their priority of church and God and his Word. This was something that we once had in the black community but my fear is that the fear of God is rapidly going away in our homes.

4. Well defined roles. Believe what you want but as men and women we have very distinct yet very important roles as it pertains to the home, the family and how our households function. I see Phil’s wife as a keeper of the home she not only loves to cook but from the looks of things she provides Phil and the rest of their family with an atmosphere of love and warmth. This is no knock on working wives  (my wife is a working woman) but this goes far beyond whether a woman works or if she doesn’t this speaks to the atmosphere and environment of the home and whether a wife works or not she can create a favorable atmosphere for her husband and her kids to enjoy.

Of course I don’t know the Duck Dynasty cast personally some people would say look at Phil’s comments about the blacks who he worked with and knew being happy. Well here are Phil’s comments exactly:

“I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person. Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field …. They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word! … Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

I don’t know Phil Robertson personally but looking at his comments I personally don’t see anything racist about them. He is speaking from his personal experience where he was and the people he was around. Is he saying that there were not injustices against blacks at that time? No he’s speaking personally but I feel that what we should be concerned with as Black people is the end of Phil’s comment he said “I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word! … Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

The picture we get of the blacks at that time from Robertson’s point of view was positive. We didn’t blame others, we didn’t feel a sense of entitlement, we were not looking for handouts, we were godly! Let’s focus on getting back there helping ourselves to get back on track and stop wasting time listening to the race baiters who need to stir up controversy that keeps us divided and keeps them rich.


Pastors allow your members to be Bereans

I believe there is a big deficiency in the black church today of sound biblical teaching. Many of our churches are set up where the Pastor (Mand of Gawd) is held in high esteem. Now I believe there should be a high respect for the set man of the house but many of us place the pastor in a position where they shouldn’t be. A friend of mine put it like this “we don’t just honor the pastor but in a lot of places the pastor is worshiped.” Image

The black church really needs to do some soul searching. I believe if the Word of God was not dumbed down but preached in it’s full counsel the congregation would not shun the Word but would gravitate to sound biblical teaching. There is a myth in a lot of our churches that in order for the service to really be successful then the preacher has to get overly excited and there has to be some whooping that takes place at the end of the sermon. I will never forget walking to my car after leaving Walmart when I heard two black ladies talking about church. One lady said to the other man we haven’t had church unless the preacher whoops, and she was serious. So this is the measure of whether or not the church service was successful?

I had a discussion with a good friend today and he made a statement that just struck me he said, “man the pastor don’t allow for the people to be Bereans” and as I thought of this it’s true in a lot of our churches. What is a Berean well they can be found in Acts 17:11 “Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.”

Let’s face it a lot of people that go to church just take what the Pastor is preaching as law and don’t study for themselves. The sad part is in some of these same churches the Pastor wants it that way. I remember my pastor would always tell us don’t just believe what I’m telling you go and look for yourself. This should be the attitude of every pastor in my opinion. I also believe that these churches and small groups need to be formed in the black community to teach members how to study the Bible properly. Real talk we have to stop being lazy with the scripture. Pastors must develop a hunger in the people for the Word. I was apart of a Bible study that consisted of an all black membership. These were not people that we would consider the upper crust we were all regular people but the teacher was an expository teacher and the people that came to this Bible study would come with pen and pad because we all knew there was going to be something revealed to us in this type of teaching and we didn’t want to miss it. I saw in these people an excitement for the Word and it was because the teacher had a high appreciation for the Word and that was infused into the members of this Bible study that eventually became a church. The teacher was not dull, he was full of excitement and emotion but his emotions were contained within the boundaries of the sacred scripture and this rubbed off on the members. I remember members of this study bringing in Catholic relics that they had been holding onto for a long time and wanted to get rid of them because the Word of God was convicting them through the Holy Spirit.

I’m not against topical preaching. I have heard and been blessed by many topical sermons but because of the state of the black church today I am convinced that the black church need desperately to train expository preachers because in a lot of our churches we have drifted far from the Word. We need pastors that will spend months in one book going verse by verse pulling out truths and walking biblically with his members as they all wrestle through scripture. This type of teaching I believe encourage Christians to be Bereans and I promise you when we preach and teach the Word in this manner there will be an excitement and a hunger for more because it just that sweet.

Don’t follow the herd

As humansImage we sure do act like sheep. We will follow an idea or a person because that’s all we know to do. We as black people have this pretty bad we are supposed to all vote the same, we are all supposed to have the same mindset about religion, family, government but there is a time where you just have to break free from the herd and that can be hard to do because you’re immediately seen as a traitor or one who does not love him or herself. Whenever you break from the herd you find that there is liberation. There is a freedom only expressed by the feeling of being released from slavery, a mental slavery that has had you captured for years. Blacks who leave the herd are called Uncle Tom’s, Uncle Rukus and all sorts of names. You know what though even that is liberating because in order for you to be worthy of insult you must be exposing the old system that used to bind you.